NM 244.Pierre-Louis Cretey: Evangelisten Matteus.

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Sundays At WRC

We are a Christian church in Cincinnati’s Westside. The Bible is central to everything we do. It teaches us to find comfort in the Jesus Christ alone, who is the Savior and Physician for the broken and lowly sinner.

We would love for you to join us for Sunday morning worship! We also offer a few online avenues for teaching and fellowship. Please, reach out if you’d like to learn more about our church or if you’d like to speak with our pastor.

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Cincy Reformed Podcast

Our church sponsors a weekly podcast in which our pastors discuss a wide array of issues related to the Christian faith, e.g., objections to Christianity, the meaning of particular Bible texts,

worship & liturgy, church history, theology, and cultural issues. We hope this resource is an encouragement to you in your faith. Reach out if you have any suggestions for future episodes.

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What Does It Mean To Be “Reformed”?


Many in Cincinnati are probably unfamiliar with the Reformed Church tradition: “Does this mean you’re liberal, or that you’re changing something?” There are surely others who have come across aspects of it but mistakenly reduce it to “Five Points.”

And still others express the sentiments of one of my college professors, that the Reformed are extinct, and they were a bunch of power-hungry Christians whose greatest delight was in punishing heretics and in holding witch-trials.

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