Good Friday, 2016 – 7pm

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You are most welcome to join us at 7pm on Good Friday (March 25) to reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We will spend about an hour reading Scripture, singing about the cross, and reflecting on its meaning. 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati For help finding us, click here.

Above All Enemies

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Join us on Sunday mornings as we hear God’s word from Book 1 of the Psalms (Psalms 1-41), where we sing of the Lord’s faithfulness to King Jesus and his Kingdom; the Lord exalts Him above all His enemies, bringing life and blessing to His Kingdom. 10am @ 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincy  Learn more about […]

Reflections on the Two Trees

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What follows are some reflections from one Reformed pastor who does not pretend to be an authoritative voice and who expects his views to change and mature over time.  As Christians reflect upon the two trees in the Garden, it’s important to be clear that this is truly an intramural issue.  The two trees are […]

Advent 2015 – Evening Services in Harrison

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Out Advent 2015 series is now finished, but let us never finish reflecting upon the Incarnation. Nov. 29 – “The Son of Mary” Dec. 6 – “The Son of God” Dec. 13 – “The King of Israel” Dec. 20 – “The Savior from Sin”

Thinking Biblically About Refugees

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If you’re a Christian, you want to be faithful to Jesus Christ in all things, which means you desire to conform your thoughts and actions to the Bible. A series of recent events is challenging us to do so with respect to refugees. Different views are emerging and many are appealing to the Bible as […]

A Tale of Two Seeds

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Join us on Sunday mornings as we hear God’s word from the first book of the Bible, where we discover the ancient gospel promise, that “the seed of the woman” would one day come and conquer the serpent and his seed. 11am @ 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincy  Learn more about our worship services.   Current […]

I Believe… the Holy Catholic Church

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What does it mean to be “catholic”?  Pause and consider the way(s) you hear this term used.  Your first thought is probably something like this, “Those in submission to the Pope”, i.e., Roman Catholics.  But you might be surprised to learn that the historic branches of Protestantism use the term, as well.  They consider themselves to […]

True Discipleship

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Join us on Sunday mornings as we learn about what it means to follow Jesus Christ. 10am @ 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincy Listen to previous sermons in this series. Find more information on our worship services.

Sunday Evenings in Harrison – The Apocalypse

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Below is our schedule: June 7 – Rev. 1:1-20 “The King of Glory Speaks” June 14 – Rev. 2-3 “Conquering the Tribulation” June 21 – Rev. 4-5 “The Triumphant Lamb will Conquer” June 28 – Rev. 6:1-8:5 “The Seven Seals: Protected Amid Tribulation” July 5 – Rev. 8:6-11:19 “The Seven Trumpets: God’s Testifying City will […]

How important is Justification?

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One of our forefathers, the primary author of our Heidelberg Catechism, Zacharias Ursinus, calls it one of the two principle doctrines of the Christian faith. Read more at the Heidelblog.

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