Is your church preparing you for trials?

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There was once a time that we lived “normal” lives. We Americans could have been excused for thinking that life was all about creature comforts. Many of our churches even reflected and encouraged this in their teaching and worship. Living your “best life now” was more than a book; it was the aim of this […]

Our Use of Liturgical Forms

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If you have been in our church for any length of time, you should have received a copy of Forms & Prayers. Not only does it contain our denomination’s Liturgical Forms and Liturgical Prayers, which we make use of on Sundays, on Wednesdays, and at special services, but it also contains prayers for home use, […]

On Worship and Embodiment

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It is common for sincere Christians to read Paul’s contrast of “flesh and Spirit” incorrectly, as if Paul were contrasting what is physical versus what is immaterial. Such a reading can easily lead to a sort of heresy that has plagued the church, where what is physical/material is deemed unimportant, even evil, while an immaterial […]

Our Goal in Ministry: that “Christ is Formed in You”

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Why does the local church exist? Why do we gather together each Lord’s Day for Scripture, Sacrament, Prayer, Song, and Fellowship? What are your Minister, Elders, and Deacons trying to accomplish in their labors? And what should we all seek as we “speak the truth in love”? Many churches speak of their goal in ministry […]

Why Should You Sing in Church?

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  With the dawn of the Reformation came the recovery of congregational singing.  If you had entered a local church prior to the Reformation, during the Medieval period (approx. 500-1500 AD), you would not have heard much singing from the congregation.  In fact, there were many places where the congregation was actively discouraged from singing […]

Madison Theology Study

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Looking for solid, biblically-grounded theology? Join us on Mondays at 6:30 PM this summer in Madison, Indiana as we read through Sacred Bond: Exploring Covenant Theology by Michael Brown and Zach Keele. Each week, members read one modestly-sized chapter and gather together to work through questions and discussion. What you can expect: Chapters covering the […]

Why We Celebrate the Lord’s Supper Each Week

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It’s been a while since I (Pastor Zac) have explained our practice of celebrating the Supper on a weekly basis. For some, this may be new. For others, it’s worth being reminded (briefly!) of our reasons. The biblical description There are two places in the New Testament that allude to the practice of the apostolic […]

Good Friday Service

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You are invited to join us this Friday for our annual Good Friday Service.  It will be held in the building where we normally worship, but in the main sanctuary instead.  6:30pm at 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati.

The Synod of Dort on the Lord’s Day

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The following is a translation of the statements the Great Synod of Dort (1618-19) made on the Lord’s Day.  The original article can be accessed here.  I conclude with some reflections. I.In the fourth Commandment of the divine law, part is ceremonial, part is moral. II.The rest of the seventh day after creation was ceremonial […]

The Structure of the Jacob Narrative (Genesis 25:19-35:29)

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I addressed the importance of a text’s structure in a previous post, The Structure of the Abrahamic Narrative.  What follows is the way I believe that the Jacob Narrative unfolds. Again, it follows a chiastic pattern (see the explanation in the aforementioned article), just like the narratives of the Flood and of Abraham.  The turning […]

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