What does the Bible teach us about the Bible? (pt. 3)

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Introduction (pt. 1) A.  The Bible is Authoritative (pt. 2) B.  The Bible is Necessary (pt. 3) Many people reflect upon the time of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) or the early decades of the new covenant Church and conclude, “We don’t really need the Bible. The Patriarchs didn’t have a text. And neither […]

What does the Bible teach us about the Bible? (pt. 2)

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Introduction (pt. 1) A.  The Bible is Authoritative (pt. 2) In 2 Timothy 3:16, we read these incredible words: All Scripture is breathed out by God. Stop. Read that again, since it is an incredible claim. Scripture – and by “scripture”, he is speaking about what is written, the text – is breathed out (or […]

What does the Bible teach us about the Bible? (pt. 1)

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Introduction (pt. 1) Who can sit in judgment over the word of God but God Himself, the ultimate Author? Who better to teach us about God and all His works than God Himself, who is all-knowing and all-wise? Does a manmade religion or philosophy have more insight and authority than Him? Of course not! How […]

Herman Witsius on “Thy Will Be Done”

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A series of dissertations on the Lord’s Prayer, authored by Herman Witsius, has been published and makes for excellent reading.  Unlike many in the 16th & 17th centuries, Witsius is both clear and concise in what he writes.  While you may not appreciate his fashion sense, you would surely benefit from picking up this work.  […]

What does the Bible teach about Peter?

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Who was the Apostle Peter, according to Scripture? I’m not asking about the things passed down by history and tradition, which may be subject to embellishment, error, or misunderstanding. I’m asking what the Bible, which is inspired of God, teaches. Some Basics “Peter” was a sort of nickname Jesus gave to a man named Simon […]

The King’s True Temple

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You’re invited to join us as we finish the Gospel of Mark and discover that the true temple of King Jesus does not sit upon a hill in the Middle East. Previous Sermons in this series: Mark 11:1-11  “All Hail the Son of David” Mark 11:11-21  “A Sandwich, a Plant, and a Temple” Mark 11:22-25  […]

Good Friday, 2016 – 7pm

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You are most welcome to join us at 7pm on Good Friday (March 25) to reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We will spend about an hour reading Scripture, singing about the cross, and reflecting on its meaning. 3011 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati For help finding us, click here.

Above All Enemies

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Join us on Sunday mornings as we hear God’s word from Book 1 of the Psalms (Psalms 1-41), where we sing of the Lord’s faithfulness to David and his seed.  The Lord would save and exalt David’s faithful, royal Son above all His enemies, bringing life and blessing to His Kingdom. 10am @ 3011 Harrison […]

Reflections on the Two Trees

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What follows are some reflections from one Reformed pastor who does not pretend to be an authoritative voice and who expects his views to change and mature over time.  As Christians reflect upon the two trees in the Garden, it’s important to be clear that this is truly an intramural issue.  The two trees are […]

Advent 2015 – Evening Services in Harrison

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Out Advent 2015 series is now finished, but let us never finish reflecting upon the Incarnation. Nov. 29 – “The Son of Mary” Dec. 6 – “The Son of God” Dec. 13 – “The King of Israel” Dec. 20 – “The Savior from Sin”

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