Front (L to R): Elders Neil Smal, Donn Rubingh, and Ryan Lemmel; Deacons Mark Grubbs, Troy Ellens, and Ray Brinker
Back (L to R): Revs. Robert Godfrey (New Holland, PA), Zac Wyse, and Brian Lee (Washington, DC)

Jesus Christ is the supreme and only Head of the Church.  He doesn’t merely teach us what to believe and do in our personal lives but also much about structuring and governing His Church.  Whereas many churches have adopted a leadership model that resembles the business-world, where the pastor functions like a CEO, we recognize the importance that Christ places upon mutual accountability.  The Scriptures teach that there be a plurality of elders to rule, a minister to preach, and deacons to serve.  Further, both Scripture and church history inform us that it is not good for a church to operate independently.  Therefore, we find further accountability and wisdom in our ecclesiastical ties.  Our regional assembly is called Classis Eastern U.S. and our denomination, the United Reformed Churches in North America.

In January 2019, we transitioned out of mission work status with the ordination of our own body of elders and deacons.  Those serving in the office of Elder are Donn Rubingh, Neil Smal, and Ryan Lemmel.  Those serving as Deacons are Troy Ellens, Ray Brinker, and Mark Grubbs.

These officers called Zachary Wyse, who was our church planter, to continue his service of Word and Sacrament at Westside Reformed Church. Zac is from Stryker, Ohio and a graduate of Miami University (Zoology, B.S.).  Though he grew up as a regular churchgoer, he was converted in college. After spending five years serving campus fellowships in Europe, he attended Westminster Seminary California (M.Div, 2013). He was ordained to the office of Minister in November of 2013.