Reformed in America is an annual conference hosted by Westside Reformed Church.

It is designed to provide in-depth teaching in some area of Christianity, e.g., a book of the Bible, a biblical doctrine, or in church history. Our speakers belong to the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition, but we expect that Christians and non-Christians of various traditions and backgrounds will find the content relevant, challenging, and encouraging.

Here is what we’ve done in the past and what we’re planning for the future.  Click each lecture title for the audio recording.

2015 – Exploring the History of Reformed and Presbyterian Christianity in America – Dr. Darryl G. Hart and Dr. Alan D. Strange

  • The Tumultuous Beginnings of American Presbyterianism – Dr. Strange
  • The Challenge of Americanism – Dr. Hart
  • Kuyper and Machen: Models of Reformed Witness – Dr. Hart
  • Unity without Union: Beyond Acronyms – Dr. Strange
  • Anti-Modernism – Dr. Hart
  • Q&A with the speakers

2016 – Understanding the End Times – Dr. Kim Riddlebarger (canceled due to illness)

2017 – The Protestant Reformation, 500 Years: 1517-2017 – Mr. Charles Fry

2018The Life & Legacy of Ulrich ZwingliRev. William Boekestein

2019 – TBD

NB: Our 2015 conference was held in partnership with Good Shepherd OPC.