February 23, 2014

Ephesians 1:11-14 “The Blessing of Our Inheritance”

Passage: Ephesians 1:11-14
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Having praised God for the grace of election in Christ (1:3-6), which comes from eternity past, and having praised Him for the forgiveness of our sins, which we have in the present (1:7-10), Paul looks to the future and rejoices in our inheritance (1:11-14).  It belongs to the Gentiles, not only the Jews, who were "the first to hope in Christ."  Therefore, this inheritance is common to all Christians.  It is also a secure inheritance.  It was planned by God, purchased by Christ, and is protected by His Providence.  We, the heirs, are even sealed with the Holy Spirit, marking us out as God's holy possession.  At the heart of this inheritance is the lavish riches of finding fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit.  He is poured out to us as a "down payment" right now, granting access to the Father through Christ (2:18).  And we will receive the rest of these riches, the fullness of God's grace, when He grants life to our bodies and bestows a communion with God that operates by sight instead of by faith.