January 12, 2014

Psalm 138 “He Regards the Lowly – Give Thanks!”

Passage: Psalm 138
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The Psalms were assembled into a single collection after Israel's exile to Babylon and consequent slavery.  Therefore, many of its songs address this issue, whether it be laments of David, who also experienced persecution and suffering, songs of thanks for deliverance, or hymns of praise to conquering Jehovah.  Psalm 138 is especially connected with their bondage in Babylon.  Its preceding psalm reflects upon the pain they experienced there (Psalm 137), and this one proceeds to thank God for rescuing the lowly.  Taking this song upon their lips, the congregation would bow toward the temple in whole-hearted worship (Ps. 138:1-2).  This was provoked because God had answered their prayer and strengthened them (Ps. 138:3).  The nations would even thank the Lord for this deliverance (Ps. 138:4-8).  But when was this fulfilled in the time of the psalm's author, David, or in the time of the returned exiles?  The nations never gave God thanks for those acts of deliverance.  This was not ultimately fulfilled until the Lord Jesus, the Son of David, was rescued from the grave, being strengthened by God and overcoming the great enemies of His People - Satan, sin, and death.  For that supreme act of deliverance, the nations have begun to thank God and rejoice that God, indeed, regards the lowly.  For He even delivers sinners like us.