The Ordination of Zac Wyse

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The ordination of ministers, elders, and deacons is a joyful occasion for Christ’s Church, since He has chosen to use office-bearers to gather, feed, protect, and serve His sheep until He Returns.  Ministers are called to labor in preaching and sacrament.  Elders are called to rule and ensure the safety of the flock.  Deacons are called to serve the church in tangible ways.

Next Friday (Nov. 22 @ 7:00), the Consistory of Zeltenreich Reformed Church, along with ministers from Classis Eastern U.S., will ordain Zac Wyse to the office of Minister of the Gospel.  He will be installed as a minister of Zeltenreich Reformed Church (New Holland, Pennsylvania) and, then, be sent forth to serve its church plant in Cincinnati, Ohio – Westside Reformed Church.

Rev. Daniel Hyde of Oceanside URC will deliver the sermon, Rev. Richard Kuiken of Pompton Plains RBC will give the charge to the congregation, and Rev. Dr. Brian Lee of Christ Reformed Church will give the charge to the new minister.  This service will be held at 752 Hollander Rd., New Holland, PA 17557, in the building of Zeltenreich Reformed Church (pictured above).  All are welcome to attend this joyful occasion.