While the Dutch Reformed tradition might not be well-known to many Kentuckians, it is not entirely foreign. In 1796 missionary Rev. Peter Labagh was sent to Kentucky to establish a Dutch Reformed Church in Harrodsburg. By 1800 a Reformed Church was built, known as the “Old Mud Meeting House,” which was pastored by “Dominie” Thomas Kyle. This church was the first Reformed Church west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Christ Reformed Church stands in this lineage. We are a simple church that revolves around Word and sacrament. “Christ is with us,” is more than a mere slogan for us; we live this reality every day as we seek to love God and our neighbor. Our desire to be a confessional church that stands on Scripture, engages unbelief with truth and love, relies on the ordinary means of grace, and seeks God’s comforting Word and Spirit in every circumstance of life

Too often people of NKY are stuck to choose between legalistic Roman Catholicism or “cotton candy” Evangelicalism. The Reformed faith, by contrast, is historically rooted, theologically robust, and biblically grounded. Another thing I love about the Reformed faith is that it is sustainable with regard to practice and piety. We are not spiritual “storm chasers,” looking for the “next big thing” or an emotional euphoria, but we are living out an ordinary rhythm centered on meeting with Christ through Word and Sacrament. 

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