In 2017, Collin and Nicole Welch (pictured above with their children) began praying about the possibility of planting a church in Collin’s hometown of Madison, IN. The desire arose out a growing conviction that not a few of the local churches in Madison were struggling to preach God’s Word faithfully. Their pastor at the time, Danny Hyde, put them in touch with us, since we are only 70 miles from Madison. Together, we drew up a plan that outlined a possible path forward.

In summer 2019, Collin and his family came to Cincinnati for an internship. Once per week, he led an exploratory book study on covenant theology in Madison with the purpose of discerning if there was any interest in town. By the end of that summer, it was clear that there was indeed a hunger for Reformed theology and practice.

While the Welches were back in California for their final year of seminary, two families (pictured above with them) committed to forming a “core group” and began commuting to WRC every Lord’s Day.

Now that Collin has finished his seminary training, he and his family have taken up residence in Madison in order to establish a church plant in Madison. Through various events, an internet presence, and word of mouth, hundreds of Madisonians have become aware of Madison Reformed Church, and the Lord has provided about a dozen families who are in their orbit, four more of whom have now joined the group.

Because of this progress, we issued a pastoral call to Collin in January, which he accepted. He sustained his ordination examination at Classis Eastern U.S. on March 5 and was ordained on April 15.

We give God thanks for this promising start! Please, keep Madison Reformed Church in your prayers, and spread the word!

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