We have hosted a number of conferences over the years in order to take a deep dive into some interesting topics and doctrines. Some of the lectures include an audio recording, which you can access below.

2015 Reformed in America Conference – Exploring the History of Reformed and Presbyterian Christianity in America – Dr. Darryl G. Hart and Dr. Alan D. Strange. (Hosted with Good Shepherd OPC)

  • The Tumultuous Beginnings of American Presbyterianism – Dr. Strange
  • The Challenge of Americanism – Dr. Hart
  • Kuyper and Machen: Models of Reformed Witness – Dr. Hart
  • Unity without Union: Beyond Acronyms – Dr. Strange
  • Anti-Modernism – Dr. Hart
  • Q&A with the speakers

2017 Reformation Conference – The Protestant Reformation, 500 Years: 1517-2017 – Mr. Charles Fry

2018 Reformation ConferenceThe Life & Legacy of Ulrich ZwingliRev. William Boekestein

2020 Reformation Conference – Rev. Brandon Burks

2021 Reformed Liturgists – The Absolution – Rev. Daniel Hyde

2021 Nurture Conference on Christian Parenting

2021 Reformed Liturgists: Psalm-singing – Rev. William Boekestein

2022 Nurture Conference on Christian Parenting – Rev. Brad Peppo

2022 Reformation Conference – Rev. Matthew Joyner