Psalm 22 “A Song of Christ’s Suffering”
August 18, 2013

Psalm 22 “A Song of Christ’s Suffering”

Passage: Psalm 22
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Sermon Series The Psalms

David’s laments fill Book 1 of the Psalter (Psalms 1-41), and this is one such psalm.  David expresses spiritual disorientation: he’s been innocent and faithful, but he’s experiencing suffering and pain, even God’s wrath.  Therefore, he cries out to God for deliverance.  He knows that, one day, he will be delivered and both Jew and Gentile will experience God’s blessing.  They will feast in God’s presence and celebrate the fact that God delivered His king.  Of course, this psalm points us forward to the innocent King, Jesus Christ, who was pierced in hands and feet, mocked and scorned by mighty men, lost his clothes by the cast of the lot, and was raised from the dead triumphant.