Psalm 46 “God is Our Refuge”
September 8, 2013

Psalm 46 “God is Our Refuge”

Passage: Psalm 46
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Sermon Series The Psalms

Book two of the Book of Psalms opens with a series connected with the Sons of Korah (Pss 42-49), a priestly family who experienced great suffering (Pss 42-44) and whose ancestor was a notorious rebel (Num. 16; Jude 11).  Unlike many in our day, these trials didn’t provoke doubt, but the Sons of Korah took refuge in God.  Whether creation falls apart at its seams or Judgment Day arrives, God is a refuge and blessing to His people.  He has proved it by sending His Divine King (Ps. 45) and by bringing desolation upon the earth.  We confidently take their song upon our lips, knowing that “we shall not be moved,” even in the Day when the desolation reaches its culmination.