December 15, 2013

Psalm 80 “Where is Your Glorious Light?”

Passage: Psalm 80
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We are all on a quest for glory, yearning for a world where all thing are ordered, where we find blessing.  The Bible addresses this within its unfolding story - we sinners are reliant upon God to usher it in, being unable to do it ourselves.  The story of Israel shows us this.  At one time, God's Glorious Presence dwelt within Joseph's ancestry.  The ark of the covenant rested in Shiloh, a city of Ephraim (Joseph's son), and God blessed Joseph's brothers through him (Gen. 48:8-20; 49:22-26; Deut. 33:13-17).  This, however, came to a halt when the worship of God was corrupted.  God's Glory then departed, never to return to Joseph; the Philistines captured Shiloh and the ark, and they experienced God's wrath, not His blessed countenance.  Thankfully, God promised that Glory would return.  His vine would be strengthened through a son of man, a King, who would reign at God's right hand.