December 22, 2013

Psalm 91 “Blessing Extends to the Faithful Israelite”

Passage: Psalm 91
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The Psalms are divided into 5 Books.  At the close of Book 3, in Ps. 89, we hear the earnest cries of the returned-exiles: "Where is the Son of David, who was prefigured in Psalm 72?  Has God broken His promise to David?"  A partial answer is given in Book 4.  God first reminds them that their sins incur His curse (Ps. 90).  But, then, they learn about a faithful Israelite (91:1-2), One who would be protected from God's covenant curses (91:3-13).  Whereas God's angelic chariot brought destruction on the wicked, those same wings would tenderly protect this obedient Man.  Even more, God swore an oath that He would bless this Man because He faithfully loved God.  His identity was hidden for many years, but in Mk. 1, Matt. 4, and Luke 4, we find Psalm 91 applied to our Lord Jesus, Who remained faithful in the face of temptation and, therefore, found angelic protection from God's curse, embodied in the wild beasts.  He, ultimately, received God's blessing but shares it with His People, for whom He came as a substitute.