Macchiatos and Reformed Identity

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If you ever want to make a barista squirm, walk into an independently-run café and order a “Macchiato”. You may notice some concern on the barista’s face as you’re asked whether you’re looking for a true Macchiato or a Caramel Macchiato. If you’re in an especially cruel mood, you could reply, “I asked for a […]

Augustine: Cain and Abel, forerunners of the Two Cities, pt. II

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“Cain received that instruction from God like a lawbreaker.  For the fault of jealousy grew stronger, and he planned and carried out his brother’s murder.  Such was the man who founded the earthly city.  He also symbolizes the Jews by whom Christ was slain, the shepherd of the flock of men, who was prefigured in […]

Augustine: Cain and Abel, forerunners of the Two Cities, pt. I

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“the conflict between Cain and Abel displayed the hostility between the two cities themselves, the City of God and the city of men.  Thus the wicked fight among themselves; and likewise the wicked fight against the good and the good against the wicked.  But the good, if they have reached perfect goodness, cannot fight among […]

Augustine: the City of God and earthly joys

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“Thus there are two lines of descent, one from Seth and the other from Cain; and their separate lists convey the notion of the two cities, the Heavenly City on pilgrimage in this world, and the earthly city, which longs for earthly joys, or clings to them, as though they were the only joys.” [The […]

Augustine: God’s citizens are pilgrims on earth

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Scripture tells us that Cain founded a City, whereas Abel, as a pilgrim, did not found one. For the City of the saints is up above, although it produces citizens here below, and in their persons the City is on pilgrimage until the time of its kingdom comes. At that time it will assemble all […]

Augustine: Two loves and two cities

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As I’ve been preaching through 1 John, I’ve been constantly reminded of St. Augustine’s City of God and his insights into the two Cities, the City of Man and the City of God.  He wrote this great treatise in 413 AD, after the Vandels had sacked Rome, which was called “the eternal city”. This conquest prompted […]