The Structure of the Abraham Narrative (Genesis 11:27-25:11)

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The Structure of a Text When studying a biblical text, it is important to consider its structure. How does a psalm flow? How does a narrative unfold? How are legal commands linked together to create a coherent message? Readers of Genesis are accustomed to dividing the book into 50 chapters. The chapter divisions and verse […]

Reflections on the Two Trees

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What follows are some reflections from one Reformed pastor who does not pretend to be an authoritative voice and who expects his views to change and mature over time.  As Christians reflect upon the two trees in the Garden, it’s important to be clear that this is truly an intramural issue.  The two trees are […]

Mark 1:14-45 – Fishers of Men

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One unfortunate consequence of preaching through the Bible text-by-text is that Christians can begin to treat a book like Mark’s Gospel as a collection of disparate stories instead of a single, unified story with different scenes. This consequence is surely unintended, and it shouldn’t keep churches from preaching through books. Rather, we need to be aware […]