Wonderful Reflections on the Value of Confessions

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A PCA pastor named Todd Pruitt, a contributor to The Mortification of Spin podcast, provides some wonderful reflections on the importance of having confessions in your church.  Here’s a snippet: A church is not simply an umbrella organization for various individual’s ministries and hobbies. A church is not a convention hall for loosely connected groups […]

Leaving a Confessional Legacy

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We’ve all been there – away from home on the weekend, and there’s no NAPARC congregation within a reasonable driving distance.  What can you do, other than make the best of the situation?  In recent months, I was in a similar circumstance and took the opportunity to attend a church whose credentials in its region […]

What does this church think about racism?

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It’s obvious, but racial segregation still exists in the Church.  It’s not normally forced, though this surely happens, but it occurs when people segregate themselves from one another by joining churches that express their earthly culture.  Obviously, the horrors of the slave trade still have an influence, and racism won’t be completely purged from the […]

Why are you part of a denomination?

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Though many Christians cannot imagine the Christian life without denominations, an increasing number see them as things of the past.  This latter group frequently views them as culturally-driven communities: “This church is dressier, that church is filled with societal elites, that church is for blue-collared folks, etc.”  Therefore, why be a part of a denomination?  […]