Ursinus on the Law’s Threefold Division

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Zacharius Ursinus was the primary author of our Heidelberg Catechism.  He also wrote a sort of commentary (really, a series of lecture notes) on the Catechism, which are sorely neglected in our day.  What follows are his comments on the Threefold Division of the Law (pp. 490-92), a Reformed manner of speaking about the way […]

Why do you preach a catechism? That’s not Scripture.

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Different kinds of people find their way into Reformed churches.  Sometimes, they are newly converted to the Christian faith or they had experienced a time of backsliding.  At other times, they are from a church that has become liberal or severely misguided.  It is this latter group of people that may hear “Catechism Preaching” and […]

Cyprian: A Prayer Before Considering “I Believe in the Holy Spirit”

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In our Sunday School (aka “Catechism”) Service, we are working through the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  These doctrines are derived from the Bible and organized for us in the Heidelberg Catechism.  When this catechism was written, it was divided into 52 sections, in order that ministers could teach it to their congregations throughout […]