What does this church think about racism?

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It’s obvious, but racial segregation still exists in the Church.  It’s not normally forced, though this surely happens, but it occurs when people segregate themselves from one another by joining churches that express their earthly culture.  Obviously, the horrors of the slave trade still have an influence, and racism won’t be completely purged from the […]

Why is worship such a “one-man show”?

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One phenomenon we are continuing to experience, which has been identified by Nathan Hatch in The Democratization of American Christianity, is that our view of church ministers has changed within our American environment, where we have placed such a high value on the equality of all.  We have sought to ensure that abuses of clerical […]

Why is your liturgy so old-fashioned?

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The way we worship is strange to many Christians today.  With the rise of movements like “the Jesus movement,” being “seeker sensitive,” and being “contemporary,” came a decline in historic Christian patterns for approaching God.  It is now common for singing to occupy the first half of the service and the sermon to take up […]