We have small groups in Northern Kentucky and in the Westside where we meet in each other’s homes for food, fellowship, prayer, and teaching. In our time of worship, we follow a pattern that has been used for hundreds of years (often called Vespers). We read from both Old and New Testaments, sing through the Psalms (sung prayers), offer up our spoken prayers, and confess our faith with a creed.

Teaching and discussion are important part to our time together, and we reflect on various topics, such as Christianity & Bioethics, the doctrine of Vocation, Hospitality, and also Church History. These lessons will be uploaded to our podcast.

The following is our order of service.  We use our Forms & Prayers book and our new Trinity Psalter Hymnal.

  • Invocation – We call on God to meet with us in grace.
  • Reading of God’s Law – The Law exposes our sin.
  • Corporate Confession of Sin
  • Sing 3 Psalms
  • Old Testament Reading – The OT prepares us for the arrival of Jesus.
  • Song of Mary – This song celebrates His imminent arrival.
  • New Testament Reading – The NT reflects on Jesus, who came to save Jew & Gentile.
  • Song of Simeon – This song celebrates the arrival of the Savior of the world.
  • Confession of Faith – The Apostles’, Nicene, or Athanasian Creed
  • Teaching Lesson
  • Evening Prayer
  • Concluding Prayer