Green Township Senior Center

(a community center, not a nursing home)

Note: We are in the process of acquiring and renovating our first church building, but we will not inhabit it regularly until the spring or summer of 2024. Therefore, plan to join us at the Senior Center:

3620 Epley Lane

Cincinnati OH

We hold two different services on the Lord’s Day:

  • 10:00-11:30am Communion Service
  • 11:45am-12:15pm Catechism Service (We also hold a Catechism Service and Class for children during this time; see below for an explanation.)

What can I expect in your worship service?

When you attend WRC, you will discover that our worship is filled with the Bible. It is read, prayed, preached, and sung. Given that Christ is the center of Scripture, you can also trust that you will hear the Gospel of grace each week.  It alone answers the condemnation of God’s Law and empowers us to begin keeping that Law. In short, we are gospel-centered and Christ-centered.

We understand worship to be an event wherein God renews His covenant with His church. This means that you will take part in the back-and-forth dialogue between God and His church. God addresses us with His word and we respond to Him together with confession, prayer, and praise.

In our worship, we do not conform to today’s trends and fads, which come and go, although we do incorporate modern hymns alongside Psalms and older hymns. We believe that the Church and its worship should transcend generations and cultures, so we structure our worship in a way that resembles that of our spiritual forefathers, those of the synagogues (pre-Christ), the Ancient Church, and the Reformation. For more on this, see Why is your liturgy so old-fashioned?

We take the Lord’s Supper each week at WRC, because we believe that God gives spiritual nourishment when the bread and wine are received by faith. Read more about our celebration of the Lord’s Supper and who is admitted to the Table by clicking here.

How should I dress when I attend WRC?

Neither informality nor formality are virtues in and of themselves. Rather, dress in a manner that prepares you to worship with both body and soul. The way we dress affects our mental state – no one puts on formal attire if they want to relax! – so you should ask yourself, “What kind of clothing will best prepare me to receive God’s word and respond to it with reverence and joy?” Using wisdom, some may decide to wear jeans and others, a shirt and tie. For more on this, see How should we dress when we attend WRC?

What do you offer for children?

Ideally, we like to have children in our worship services, since God’s covenant extends to the children of believers and God uses preaching to bring them to a mature faith.

But we also recognize that many parents and children are not ready for this step. Therefore, we have a “cry room”, where moms can take children that are restless or need to be fed. It is right next to the room in which we meet. The room has glass doors and a speaker system, so you can still see and hear the service without being heard.

During our second morning service, the Catechism Service, we hold a brief Kids’ Catechism Service and Class for children who are aged 5 to 12. Over the course of 30-minutes, the children are led through a responsive liturgy, work on some memorization, and have a few activities. Ordinarily, Pastor Brandon Burks leads this class. He is especially gifted in and passionate about passing on the faith to the next generation.

For more on this, see Why are there children in the worship service?  Do you provide childcare?